The research unit CAMT (Centre of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies) was established in 2008 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology and is part of the international Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) created together with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft from Dresden in the field of laser and additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. Together with foreign scientific partners, as well as Polish and foreign companies from the automotive, aviation, medical and pharmaceutical industries, CAMT is leading Polish industrial research in the field of design, development and application of lasers, additive manufacturing and hybrid technologies.

Main competences of CAMT include the use of AM technologies to manufacture individualized components and fully functional parts with a complex internal and external structure, including elements designed to work in difficult (thermal, mechanical and corrosive) working conditions.

 CAMT carries out research and research and development projects in the field of material and mechanical control for a wide spectrum of engineering materials (ceramics, polymers, metals and super alloys) intended for applications in various industries (automotive, aviation, medicine, energy) produced by additive technologies (LPBF, EBM, SLS, FDM, etc.).

Key areas of competences of CAMT:

        • Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technologies
        • Surface Functionalization
        • CAD / CAM / CNC Planning
        • Personalized Solutions in the Field of Biomedical Engineering
        • Reverse Engineering (RE)
        • Computed Tomography (CT)
        • Material Properties Characterization
        • Research in the Field of Mechatronics and Vision Systems
        • Automation and Robotization of Manufacturing Processes
        • Integration of IT Systems in Production
        • Organization and Optimization of Production Processes
        • Consultancy in the Area of Product Development