Additive technologies (metals)

  • SLM 280 2.0 Dual (SLM Solutions, Lubeka, Niemcy) – L-PBF system
  • SLM 250 (Realizer, Borchen, Niemcy) – L-PBF system
  • SLM 50 (Realizer, Borchen, Niemcy) – L-PBF system
  • EBM A1 (Arcam AB, Mölnlycke, Szwecja) – E-PBF system

Additive technologies (plastics)

  • Formiga P110 (EOS, Krailling, Germany) – polymer laser sintering machine for processing polymer materials in powder form, available layer heights 0.06 mm; 0.1 mm; 0.12 mm, parameter editor available. Material licenses available for PA12 (PA 2200), PA12+ (PA 3200 GF, Alumide), TPU (EOS TPU 1301), PS (PrimeCast 101)
  • Fuse 1 (Formlabs, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA) – polymer laser sintering machine for processing polymer materials in powder form, available layer height 0.11 mm. Material licenses available for PA12 and PA11 (black)
  • Form 3B (Formlabs, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA) – stereolithography equipment with parameter sets for standard, engineered and medically certified resins
  • Form 3L (Formlabs, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA) – Stereolithography device in a version with parameter sets for standard engineering resins. Enlarged version
  • F170 (Stratasys, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA) – system working in the Fused Deposition Modeling technology
  • BIO X (CELLINK, Göteborg, Szwecja) – bioprinter

Materials testing

  • SIGMA 500VP (CARL ZEISS, Oberkochen, Germany) – field emission scanning electron microscope
  • EVO MA25 (CARL ZEISS, Oberkochen, Germany) – scanning electron microscope
  • LEXT OLS4000 (Olympus, Tokio, Japan) – confocal microscope
  • TALYSURF CCI (Taylor Hobson, Leicester, Great Britain) – interferometer
  • Rigaku MiniFlex 600 XRD (Rigaku Corporation, Tokio, Japan) – X-ray diffractometer (XRD)
  • G4 ICARUS (BRUKER, Billerica, USA) – carbon and sulphur analyser
  • G8 GALILEO (BRUKER, Billerica, USA) – oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen analyzer
  • SPECTRO XEPOS (METEK, Kleve, Germany – Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (ED-XRF)
  • Q150R ES (Quorum, Laughton, Great Britain) – low vacuum sputter
  • LEICA EM CPD300 (Leica, Wetzlar, Germany) – critical point dryer
  • MultiTest 1-i (Mecmesin, Slinfold, Great Britain) – testing machine
  • INSTRON 3384 (INSTRON, Norwood, USA) – testing machine with extensometer
  • INSTRON 8872 (INSTRON, Norwood, USA) – testing machine with a chamber -150°C to 600°C
  • HELOS H3776, RODOS/T4/R4 (Sympatec GmbH, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany) – laser diffractometer for powder fraction distribution
  • GranuDrum (Granutools, Awans, Belgium) – drum analyzer for dynamic flow determination
  • FT4 (Freeman Technology, Tewkesbury, Wielka Brytania) – reometr do pomiaru sypkości proszku w warunkach dynamicznych
  • Flow Meter SLM-powder (SLM Solutions Group AG, Lubeka, Germany) – Hall funnel for static flow determination
  • Exemplar Plus BTC655N-ST (B&W Tek, Newark, USA) – laser absorption spectrophotometer
  • MTS3000 – Restan (SINT TECHNOLOGY SRL, Calenzano (FI), Italy) – self-stress test system in accordance with ASTM E837
  • ZHVμ-A (Zwick-Roell, Leominster, Great Britain) – Microhardness tester for Vickers and Knoop methods from 10 – 2000 g, determined according to EN ISO 6507, ISO 4545
  • Wilson Wolpert 432SVD (Buehler Worldwide HQ, Lake Bluff, Illinois, USA) – Allows fully automatic Vickers hardness measurements from 0.3 – 30 kg
  • PARSTAT 4000 (Ametek, USA) – potentiostat / galvanostat having a three-electrode measuring system with VersaStudio and Nova software
  • Mflow (Zwick-Roell, Leominster, Wielka Brytania) – plastometr do wyznaczania wskaźnika szybkości płynięcia (MFR, MVR)

Non-destructive testing

  • Phoenix v|tome|x m 300 (GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH, Wunstorf, Germany) – technical computed tomograph with focused nano/micro beam – metrology version
  • METROTOM 1500 ZEISS (CARL ZEISS, Oberkochen, Germany) – technical tomograph with focused micro-beam
  • Datos 2.7.2, METROTOM OS – dedicated software for the reconstruction of tomographic data
  • VG Studio MAX 3.3 (Volume Graphics GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany) – dedicated software for visualization and analysis of tomographic data (analysis of porosity, inclusions, foams, fibers, reverse engineering, coordinate measurements, numerical simulations)
  • Mimics Materialise, Geomagic, GOM Inspect, ImageJ – software for volumetric data analysis and processing


  • DMG Mori CLX 350 V5 (DMG Mori, Nagoja, Japan) – Mill-turn lathe
  • Hermle B300U (Hermle, Gosheim, Germany) – 5-axis milling center
  • Hermle C20U Laser Hybrid (Hermle, Gosheim, Germany) – hybrid 5-axis milling center

Heat treatment

  • TAV H3-S 1600 (TAV Vacuum Furnaces SPA, Caravaggio, Italy) – vacuum high-temperature furnace
  • Czylok (Poland) – laboratory furnace

Laser technologies

  • TalySurf CCI 6000 (Taylor Hobson, Leicester, Great Britain) – interferometr światła białego
  • Duetto laser system (Lumentum, San Jose, USA) – Picosecond Nd:Y VO4 laser (1064/532/355 nm)
  • YLR-1000-WC (IPG, Oxford, USA) – Single-mode laser 1kW with FLW D30 head

Optical and Vision Measurement Equipment

  • Blackfly S BFS-PGE-51S5P-C (FLIR, Wilsonville, USA) – polarizing camera
  • HR4000 (Ocean Insight, Orlando, USA) – UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer – 200-1100 nm
  • NIRQuest (Ocean Insight, Orlando, USA) – NIR spectrometer – 900-2200 nm
  • LJ-V7020 (Keyence, Osaka, Japan) – laser triangulation head
  • LJ-V7060 (Keyence, Osaka, Japan) – laser triangulation head

Automation and robotics apparatus

Industrial robots

  • Mitsubishi RV 3AL
  • Toshiba THL700
  • KUKA KR60HA integrated with KUKA KP2-HV two-axis positioner
  • Kawasaki R007L

Collaborative robots

  • Universal Robots UR10
  • ABB YuMi

Mobile robots

  • Mobile Industrial Robots MiR100

Vision systems (integration with robots)

  • RobotiQ
  • Balluff
  • Bosch Pallet Conveyor System with Distributed Control
  • High-speed electro-spindles with GMN control and cooling (20/60/105 thousand rpm)


  • Siemens
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Beckhoff


  • High Speed Laser Scanner SICK LMS400

Integration of the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT using

  • IO-Link
  • OPC-UA
  • MQTT
  • RES

Technology demonstrators

  • Pallet transport system – Bosch transport system with a distributed control system
  • Model Factory – industry 4.0 technology demonstrator at Digital Innovation Hub Wrocław