The center employs many specialists in different fields of study closely related to the manufacturing industry. Our research are intended to improve or implement new innovative technologies. We hope that our competence potential and research base will allow you to decide to cooperate with us.

We offer:

  • Analysis and assessment of material properties, including determination of the chemical composition of metals and alloys; scanning electron microscopy (SEM); light and laser microscopy (microstructure, surface analysis); hardness and microhardness tests; sample preparation (incorporating, polishing, cutting); static and dynamic strength tests (including the ability to perform tests at reduced temperature (up to -150 °C) and increased temperature (up to 600 °C))
  • Production and processing of materials from metal alloys and plastics in additive technologies. Testing of input materials for additive technologies, including plastic and metal powders
  • Post-failure / technological expertise and selection of materials. Non-destructive testing. Digitization of physical objects using reverse engineering methods and high-resolution computed tomography
  • Heat treatment of metal alloys, including in a vacuum furnace (vacuum 1*10^-5 mbar) in a high-temperature furnace (max. temperature 1550 degrees C / chamber 300 x 300 x 400 mm)
  • Technological research and development of new laser processing technologies (surfacing, welding, cutting, hardening, micromachining)
  • Development of dedicated vision and machine learning systems (including AI) for product quality control, process supervision and control (2D/3D, multispectral/hyperspectral, thermal imaging – passive/active)
  • Multiphysics simulation tests (mechanical, thermal, flow, material, electrical, magnetic and optical) of devices and processes – including experimental verification
  • Research and development support during the development of new opto-mechatronic and laser devices and apparatus
  • Training and courses in materials science and diagnostic techniques. Workshops in additive manufacturing technologies (so-called 3D printing) and DfAM.
  • Advice on the implementation of additive technologies in the industry and the development of a new product. Development and reorganization of existing and new production systems